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Dressing Appropriately For Holidays: Don't Be The Turkey!

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So you're no longer sitting at the kids' table for the holidays. Perhaps you want to prove to your parents or your grandparents that you're a full fledged adult. Or maybe you are going to a holiday dinner at your new boyfriend's parents house. What you wear and how you project yourself matters!

I would first ask if the dinner is to be casual or formal. The key is to find an outfit that is fashionable and that you are confident in, and make sure it fits with the event. Give yourself plenty of time to choose something to wear. Rummaging in your closet last minute is sure to not only stress you out, bu will also make it difficult to find appropriate attire for the holidays.

Here are a few guidelines to follow when dressing appropriately for the holidays:


Peek-a-Boo I see you.

(Transparent clothing picture)

Family functions are not the time to show your ASSETS and CLEAVAGE, girls! Keep the sisters on lock down. If you've been invited to your boyfriends' family function, this is the time to take the opportunity to impress his family -  not him!


Avoid showing off your cleavage and instead opt for lace inserts and a medium neck line ( picture)


We know. You're a rebel and you like to show it off with your accessories. But just like your other assets, you don't need to show off constantly. Family functions are a time to take off the nose ring and piercings and the 10 Rings that adorn each each of your fingers.

LORI'S ADVICE: Keep it classy and simple with one or two statement jewelry pieces.




Let's be honest. You're not going out to the club. If you're spending time with people that already care about you, it's no necessary to wear 3 layers of foundation, 7 layers of lip gloss and 10 coats of mascara.(picture)

Your family and significant other obviously like you for your natural beauty so lets keep it toned down girls - with only one coat. (Pretty picture)

Be your beautiful self this holiday season. Bring your big bright smile and a helping hand in the kitchen: that is a for sure parent pleaser.  If you're visiting your boyfriend's family,  nudge him to bring flowers. 

Have a great time and drink responsibly!

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